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Center for Teaching Excellence

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is to enhance student learning and faculty satisfaction through the support and continual improvement of teaching excellence at Endicott College. The CTE seeks to nurture the growth of a dynamic faculty community dedicated to the active exchange and development of ideas and practices relating to teaching and learning. In particular, the CTE aims to build upon Endicott's unique history of combining liberal and professional education with a student-centered philosophy.


  • Conversations about Teaching: Want to talk about teaching? Just call! We offer private and confidential conversations with instructors at Endicott College on a range of issues relating to teaching, including but not limited to instructional design, syllabus design, design of tests and other student assessments, interpretation of student evaluations, civility in the classroom, and finding resources for teaching on campus and nationally.
  • Workshops on Teaching and Learning: We offer workshops and events to keep faculty apprised of current research in teaching and learning. We have also designed and delivered workshops for specific departmental needs.
  • Leading Speakers in Higher Education: We support the visits of regional, national and international leaders in higher education to speak on campus. If there is someone you would like to bring to campus, please let us know.
  • Mentoring New Faculty: With the advice of the Deans Council, we connect new full-time faculty with formal mentors to help them make the transition to their new role and environment. If you are a senior full-time faculty member and are willing to make a commitment to helping one of our new faculty through-out their first year, please fill out the mentor application and email it to More information is available in the mentoring guidelines. If you have other questions, please contact:

    Dakin Burdick, Ph.D.

  • Innovative Technology: In collaboration with the Department of Academic Technology, we train and mentor faculty in the effective use of technology in their classes.
  • Library Resources: In collaboration with the Halle Library, we build and disseminate a collection of materials related to teaching and faculty development.
  • Classroom Focus Groups: If you would like anonymous feedback on student concerns at mid-semester, we can facilitate a focus group with your students in your classroom.
  • Classroom Observations: We offer classroom observations and confidential feedback on presentation skills and classroom management. 

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