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Sustainability - Buildings & Grounds

Green Design

Endicott plans new construction and renovations to be environmentally friendly. Highlights include:

  • green roof on the Center for Visual and Performing Arts
  • InterfaceFLOR carpet in Callahan and Marblehead Hall
  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycling of construction debris

See the features of Marblehead Hall.

Landscaping and Grounds

Endicott manages more than 15% of the campus organically. Areas by the beach and the main pond are specific focus areas. Management of invasive plants is on-going and native species are preferred.

In March 2014, Endicott Grounds Manager and Environmental Coordinator released 3000 Ladybugs into the College Greenhouse to combat aphids that had taken on residence on many plants, in particular on several very old hibiscus. 

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